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Skin Recovery and Care - Swine


Spray a light coating directly to cuts and abrasions.  Apply twice daily until healing is complete (granulation, size reduction).  For piglet processing:  apply a light coating prior to and after processing.

Useful in Vet Clinics for post incision skin care. For external Skin Application Only.

PhytoCare® Skin Recovery and Care is an advanced formulation of activated plant polyphenols. Polyphenols use the natural properties of plants to provide rapid healing. For use with: Lesions, Cuts, Abrasions, Punctures, Ulcers & Sores

Skin Recovery


NeoNatal Natural Health

  • Anit-biotic free, all-natural, no withdrawal

  • Use when intestinal distress is first noted 

  • Supports the proper function of the enteric cells through absorption of GI-Revive™ into the actual cellular brush boarders that are vital for cellular defense and nutrient absorption.

  • Formulated with plant extracts that have known attributes such as anti-inflammatory, antioxidant as well as potential medicinal activities to help maintain a functioning enteric system.

  • Natural solution of Activated Phenolic Molecules, (APM™)

  • Promote a healthy herd by giving 0.5cc - 1.0cc per every 5 to 10 lbs of body weight.

  • Use for swine piglets at processing.

  • Add 1cc in gruel during few days prior to transporting to nursery.

  • Use for ruminants from dairy calves to kid goats

  • Use with companion animals


250 ml bottle

GI Revive


Swine Producer Concentrate

During times of disease, stress or transition it is important for weaned pigs to maintain optimal hydration, full nutrition and a strong immune system. 
Easy to dose through water systems.

  • Use with sows few days prior to farrowing

  • Use with pigs arrival to nursery

  • Use prior to departing nursery for finishing barns.  

Mix Infused Stock Solution Gallon with 12 or 18 ounces of Concentrate then dispense using 1:128 medicator. 

PhytoCare®  Swine Producer Concentrate is an anti-biotic free, all-natural solution that promotes gut-health and boosts active immune response in swine.



Supports hydration and normal digestive function in newly hatched chicks and poults in the first few days of life - giving them the extra edge they need. This is  especially important in Antibiotic Free Environments.

Mix concentrate with non-chlorinated water for making infused stock solution. Administer at 1:128 using waterline medicator. 

Chick Starter:                                 Mix 12 oz/gal Stock Solution for 3 days

Transitional Stress:                      Mix 16oz/gal Stock Solution for 4 days

Rapid Acute Intestinal Stress:  Mix 18 oz/gal Stock Solution for 3 days

PhytoCare® Poultry Concentrate Natural Digestive Health Solution for Poultry. 

Poultry Concentrate
Poultry Concentrate


  • New, all-natural product exclusively forumulated for the DVM

  • Designed specifically for Producers in NAE/ABF production

  • Multi-Plant extract concentration

  • Allows DVM to vary dosage concentrations

  • Convenient 2.25 gal. jug supports a variety of dosing options 

  • Premix stock solution and feed into water lines at 1 oz/gal, 1:128

DVM Concentrate
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