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Grazix Animal Health, Inc. “Avian–S” Natural Supplement For Poultry.

Grazix® Animal Health, Inc. developed Avian-S™ for the support of gut health at all stages of poultry production. This product joins the company's existing line of digestive health supplements for swine, cattle, and deer. All products contain patented LiveXtract®, a source of bioactive polyphenols that support hydration and digestive health during periods of stress and transition.

LiveXtract®, the patented bioactive plant derivatives developed by LiveLeaf, has been sold in the US under the Grazix brand since 2014. The pipeline of Grazix animal health products have demonstrated remarkable efficacy and cost effectiveness in helping to support the digestive health of production animals.

By restoring the health benefits derived from a natural field diet our gut health supporting products can help contribute to the growing worldwide demand for dietary protein. The combination of Vitamin B1 and patented LiveXtract® phytobiologics in Avian-S delivers bioactive components of plant immunity that are often missing from commercial feeds and modern diets.

Producers of broilers and turkeys will have Avian-S to support their poultry production operations. Patented Grazix products deliver the benefits of a diet rich in nutrients that support hydration, gut barrier function and a healthy microbiome. Avian-S is available as a ready to use liquid concentrate for easy administration through standard non-chlorinated drinking water systems. Avian-S and other Grazix products are available through distributors.

About Grazix Animal Health, Inc.

The company develops and markets veterinary products that create added value for swine, cattle, deer, and poultry producers by supporting hydration, digestive health and the gut microbiome to enhance productivity during periods of stress and transition. Visit for more information.

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