• Dr. Dan Little, DVM

Introducing PhytoCare

PhytoCare is a family of next-generation animal health products, based on PhenoBoost technology. It was developed by Precision Health Technologies as an all natural application of patented activated polyphenols, to address the significant challenges faced by veterinary professionals in maintaining hydration of animals during periods of transition and stress.

PhytoCare products contain activated polyphenols, patented water-based complexes that rapidly restore digestion by supporting hydration. Polyphenols are plant based compounds that have important roles in plant physiology and health benefits to humans and animals.

When to Use

  • Prior to and during periods of digestive stress.

  • When animals experience scours and mortality due to digestive stress.

Features & Benefits

  • Safe & Natural

  • G.R.A.S. (Generally Regarded As Safe) and FDA compliant.

  • Supports hydration – improves gut health.

  • Improves survivability

Currently there are four different formulations of PhytoCare; Newborn Piglet, Weaned Pig, Ruminant & Avian.

PhytoCare is a brand owned by Precision Health Technologies. If you are interested in learning more about our products contact us today, or 605.696.5606.


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