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The Science of Grazix

Updated: May 6, 2021

Grazix delivers the immune benefits of a natural field diet based on the science of Reactive Plant Immunity

While modern nutrition science precisely delivers almost everything needed to maximize output in confinement farming, the ingestion of fresh plant matter during natural grazing transfers important immunologic activity to the gut, supporting immune functions in ways that cannot be provided by today's processed feeds.

Reactive Plant Immunity

Reactive Plant immunity (RPI) is the first line immune response of plants to injury. Polyphenol oxidation is central to RPI. Individual cells of living plants exhibit a hypersensitive response to bacterial toxins, rapidly breaking down of cells surrounding the microbial or physical assault. This causes oxidation of polyphenols into polyquinones, short lived molecules that aggressively bind any nearby proteins of damaged cells or bacteria to contain the threat and prevent bacterial from doing harm without biocidal action that selects for resistance. RPI is a natural aspect of the evolutionary diet of most livestock, but polyquinones are very short lived and too unstable to be extracted from plants and preserved in any conventional manner.

Grazix Technology

Grazix products use a patented technology to promote RPI in animals via safe, concentrated antibiotic-free liquid solutions for direct oral dosing or distribution through the feed water system. Grazix products traverse the digestive tract where certain enzymes produced by leaky, inflamed or infected areas of the intestinal lining trigger the RPI reaction. Grazix improves barrier function and pacifies potentially damaging bacteria without promoting antibiotic resistance. Grazix restores the immune health benefits of a natural field grazing but in a consistent, cost effective dose.

Grazix Improves Gut Health in Four Ways:

  1. Prevents bacteria from sensing appropriate conditions for toxin production (quorum sensing)

  2. Disrupts communication signals between pathogens that enable coordination of activities

  3. Binds to and inactivates many toxins

  4. Improve intestinal barrier function to prevent bacterial intrusion that triggers inflammation and sickness symptoms

Grazix products are particularly effective at reducing immune vulnerability in young animals. In times of stress, Grazix products can keep potentially harmful microbes passive without disrupting protective microbiome diversity.

Grazix is not a Polyphenol Antioxidant

Botanists have long known polyphenols are a key component of plant immunity. Polphenols are produced by all terrestrial plants and extensive research has suggested their anti-mirobial and immunologic potential. By themselves, however, polyphenols by themselves have no measurable productivity benefits. In fact tannic polyphenols are known to be anti-nutritive and can cause harm if taken in large quantities. While Grazix products are manufactured using small quantity of polyphenols, its potent immunologic benefits are not derived from the antioxidant function of polyphenols, but from their chemical transformation triggered when ingested by animals.

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