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What Are PHT Activated Phenolic Molecules™ (APM™)

Precision Health Technologies LLC. (PHT) has continued to enhance its ability to understand, research and develop beneficial plant polyphenol extract formulations for animal wellbeing and health.

The new PHT PhytoCare® technology is based on producing Activated Phenolic Molecules™ (APM™) that are formulated with the proven patented phenolic technology. PHT has expanded its technology platform through improved manufacturing processes as well as adding additional all natural plant extracts into its new PhytoCare® product mix. The new and expanded technology advancements are essential to produce the additional PHT Activated Phenolic Molecules (APM) that are in the PhytoCare® animal solutions. PhytoCare® contain increased phenolic activity, maximum phenolic content, and improved polyphenolic stability.

So, what is PHT-APM™?

The makeup of Activated Phenolic Molecules (APM™), concentration is multiple phenolic molecules that have unique benefits and actions to support and improve natural cellular stability during time of inflammation and stress. Research has identified that selected phenolic molecules can have antimicrobial activity. PHT calls APM™ a Multiple Bioactive Phenolic Agent that are known to have numerous beneficial actions in promoting and supporting enteric cellular stability and health. In fact, APM can be considered a body cellular defensive responder. Research has shown that APM can be associated with beneficial flavonoids, antioxidants, immune system activators, anti-inflammatory agents as well as disinfectants and epidermal protection. Phenolic molecules are known as the protectors of body function.

During the PhytoCare® manufacturing process, selected PHT polyphenolic extracts are activated to create the multiple and essential phenolic molecules. The manufacturing process creates a natural and essential group of activate phenolic molecules that creates a constantly active and transitional relationship with in the PHT formulation. This transitional relationship is essential to maintain phenolic molecular stability of the solutions. To maintain this transition state the product must be stored between 40- and 80-degrees F. One can expect that the transition reactions will move back and forth creating different levels of phenolic activation and is protected by proper storage and temperature. This transitional activity is crucial for product stability to maximizing the potential of the PHT formulations.

Going forward we are focused on practical and applied R&D for the successful applications of PhytoCare® APM™ technologies. We’re working with researchers, advisors, internal experts, Veterinarians, nutrition professionals and producers to develop, test, manufacture, field test and validate the new PHT PhytoCare® products.

Our goal is similar to yours.

Creating natural phenolic solutions for healthy and profitable livestock production.


Dr. Conrad B Schmidt

Chief Technology Officer

Precision Health Technologies, LLC

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